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24-hour Access To Abdominal and Bum-Burning Videos

This is your sanity saver, mama!

Can't get out of the house for a class?  

This sweet, go-to in a pinch option consists of a continuously growing Mat Pilates video library with videos ranging in level and length (10-50 minutes), to meet your time management and strengthening needs.

You’ll have unlimited access to Mat Pilates videos, whenever and wherever you feel like working out. I recommend starting with the guided Morning Stretch video, then the Intro to Pilates Basics video, then make your way into the strengthening videos.


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{Video} Morning Rise

20-minute Pilates video

In this video I take you through a yummy warm up for the back and abs, then walk you through some abdominal and bum work. You'll love it! 

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{Video} Glorious Glutes

{Video} Glorious Glutes

In this glorious 20 minute video, I take Kelly through a great glute workout. You're sure to have a good bum burn when you're through. Enjoy!

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